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Mouse Commander 2004

Mouse Commander 2004 (ver. 1.0.25)

Why is it useful?
How much times did you do hundred of boring ripetitive operations working on your PC? You spent a lot of time to move and click your mouse to do something that instead it could be done with a program based on automated mouse command. With Mouse Commander you will be able to save yourself from boring work or even to work your PC during your absence. How is it possible? You have only to show to Mouse Commander what you would it have to do, it learns, and then it will be able to repeat exactly the job for once or infinite times. You haven't the duty to stay in front on your PC, you can leave it alone because Mouse Commander will do the work for you!
The power and the simplicity of this application contrasts with a great limit: Mouse Commander works well only if the background scenary doesn't mutate. The move of a window or a button can prejudicate all the final result. It is responsibility of the user to bridge this limitation. With a good experience you will be able to use Mouse Commander for every job (also write!! see tricks section!).

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Old versions
MC 2001
MC 2004 Rev. 1.0.3
MC 2004 Rev. 1.0.8


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