#Software Rule
SR Net   Volley Manager

Walk Of Life
d=4, o=5, b=160: b., b., p, 8p, 8f#, 8g, b, 8g, 8f, e., e., p, 2p, p, 8f, 8g, b., b., p, 8p, 8f, 8g, b, 8g, f, e., e., p, 8p, 8f, 8g, b, 8g,8f, 8e

Wanna Be
d=4,o=5,b=125:16g,16g,16g, 16g,8g,8a,8g,8e,8p, 16c,16d,16c,8d,8d, 8c,e,p,8g, 8g,8g,8a,8g,8e,8p,c6,8c6, 8b,8g,8a,16b,16a, g

Where the wild roses grow
d=4,o=5,b=63:c.6,e.6,8f6,8g6,8f6,e.6,16e6, 16f6,8e6,8d6,c.6,16g,16a,8g,8d,e